Rose (Unisex)

Rose (Unisex)

The Complex Scent Of Rose??:
Roses are ubiquitous today and a prime ingredient of perfumes created by us as a perfumer in our scent designing company, although up until a decade or so ago they were in a category of fragrance considered old-fashioned and passé. 
Roses fell out of favor, and more or less existed within the confines of underwear drawers for some time. But nowadays, their intoxicating scent follows modern women on their clothes, in their anti-aging beauty treatments, scattered over beds in honeymoon suites, drizzled on top of exotic gourmet dishes and embracing us all in its intoxicating halo. And that’s so well deserved, roses have regained their popularity because they are part of the English character. We are blessed to have hedgerows, verges and paths littered with wild roses, quite apart from those that are tenderly nurtured in gardens. How many of us have a childhood memory of making our own fragrance, with petals removed from our mother’s flower-beds? Nearly everyone can relate to the smell of roses.”
Eau De Parfum
Experience a bold and beautiful scent that captures the essence of the rose. This fragrance is a blend of the rose de mai flower, turkish roses,  the Damask (or Damascene rose) and Rosa Centifolia (the ‘hundred-leafed rose’) & the essence of geranium, patchouli and Madagascar Vanilla. Indulge in the seductive and provocative aroma of nehfinefragrances’ Rose today!
This powerful yet reserved fragrance holds the symphony of rose, violet and lily of the valley in its notes. Weaving warm, soft clouds of vanilla with the freshness of lotus, Rose can be worn as a daytime fragrance yet is striking enough for nightwear.
A pink collision of glorious nature, Rose is for the vibrant, adventurous personality.
The perfume is presented in an elegant glass bottle dressed with roses. It is showcased in a romantic rose bottle packaging designed by Neh Fine Fragrances 
Recommended Usage: 4 to 6 sprays on your pulse points
Suggested Repeat Usage After 6 to 8 hours for refreshed fragrance experience
Floral Rose
Top Notes: Lily of Valley
Heart Notes: Rose, Geranium, Violet, Lotus, Jasmine
Base Notes: Vanilla, Patchouli
How to Use
Spray on pulse points: behind the ears and on your wrists.
You can also apply it on your chest, neck, and underarms or clothes.
For long-lasting results, apply the body spray after you shower and layer fragrance.
SweetHeart is a mosiac of citrus freshness inlayed with oriental floral bouquet, followed by highlights of sweet woody and musky notes. Indulge in aromatherapy with the Sweet Heart Blue Eau De Parfum. This timeless Eau De Parfum with a classic scent soothes your senses. It lasts for more than 7 to 8 hours. With its elegant design, this Sweet Heart perfume makes a perfect gift to your loved ones.
Package contains: 1 perfume


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