About Our Company

Fragrance NEH, the leading cosmetics retailer based in India, has over 2,000 products from 300 top brands, designer labels and street favorites.

Launched in 2023, we specialize in selling branded beauty products including fragrances, makeup, skin care and hair care, as well as a full range of gift sets.

Initially focusing on the perfume market (NEH), we have grown from strength to strength. We've used that knowledge and expertise, listened to our customers, and sought to be the obvious choice for all your beauty needs. We are constantly expanding our range, sourcing the products you are looking for, following trends, offering premium brands and ensuring that we are always focused on providing all the essentials. Essential beauty items for you.

In order to deliver you high-quality ranges and brand-new releases from the most recognisable fashion labels and cosmetic brands at competitive rates, we frequently update our ranges and cultivate connections with the companies. The most recent technologies and trends in retail have an impact on our enormous collection.

What we do best

Our website streamlines the purchasing process so you may obtain what you want for less in just a few clicks. We concentrated on making the checkout process simple and creating opulent graphics to make shopping not only aesthetically pleasant but also quick and simple. Top of our list is also customer service. swift delivery to your door and a committed customer service team available seven days a week.

Keep in touch

Get in contact with our helpful team right away if you need to chat. No question is too small. Our highly experienced crew is available to assist you, whether you have a delivery-related query or would like advise on beauty techniques. Alternatively, you may subscribe to the Fragrance Direct newsletter to receive the newest releases, specials, and beauty tips right in your inbox. As an alternative, you can visit our retail location in India,